September 23 size

September 24, 2007 at 12:30 am Leave a comment

Since I did a total aquarium cleaning and threw out the pebbles (gravel) today, I also measured the turtles.

Measuring the length of their carapace they are:
1 and 9/16 inches – Rex
1 and 7/16 inches – Cinderella

They are growing!!

Rex quickly outgrew Cinderella when we first got them.  His shell is pyramiding, which means that his shell is unusually large, his head is bigger, and he’s a fat turtle.  He eats most of the food, including Cinderella’s share.  We will start decreasing the amount of food that Rex gets and we will also feed them separately.  Hopefully Rex’s shell normalizes and Cinderella eats more.


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no more gravel and a bit about the tank setup September 30 size

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