forlogos-128.jpgI’m a confused and hungry mid-20’s New Yorker that is also AG loving, BJJ-ing, MBA-ing, snowboarding, turtle-caring, fun loving, movie watching, 401K participating, chocolate show going, Metrocard carrying, restaurant going, WordPress blogging, winter loving, Roth IRA contributing, oatmeal loving, mountain resort pin collecting, email checking, sailing-loving, blood donating, vacation needing, PATH riding, Windows-shell replacing, freebie collecting (for my parents), loud burping, smartphone using, Blockbuster subscribing, deodorant (no anti-perspirant) wearing, rollerblade learning, Newsgator using, beer drinking, MMA watching, podcast listening, popcorn eating, gel wearing or head shaving, Heroes watching, injury recovering, lukewarm water drinking, blog reading, toy snowboard collecting, linux experimenting, pizza loving, home gym owning, text messaging, sailing loving, vodka sipping, sleep snoozing, ice cream licking, career searching, freeware loving, open-source using, summer loving, magazine reading, picture taking, subway musician liking, web-surfing, Jesus-loving and an otherwise uninteresting loner.

Yet Another Turtle Blawg will primarily be about turtles, particularly mine and AG’s. The posts will center around our experiences in taking care of them, maybe some interesting stuff I find online, and possibly my opinions on the equipment that I use.

Check out AG’s jewelry at Joele.Etsy.Com and my other blog B Stuff Etc.


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